Ken Graham

Ken Graham

CEO, Founder

Ken Graham

Mr. Ken Graham is Founder, of Data Integrity Solutions Corp. Mr. Graham brings 25 years of Information Management experience to the firm.

Mr. Graham has trained thousands of Business and IT professionals in the area of Enterprise Information Management and is formerly a Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Officer and Chief Technology Officer of large organizations.  Mr. Graham has extensive experience in the Media, Healthcare, Retail, Utilities, Financial Services and Telecommunications industries.

He shares his passion of the importance of information integrity through his book “Data Integrity Solutions”, consulting engagements and speaking opportunities.  Through these channels he shares his experiences how Digital Data Disorders impact the quality of life for all individuals.

He believes that the 21st Century Imperative is Data Integrity. Too many times we have seen the unintended and undesirable consequences when Data Integrity is unmanaged.

As Digital Citizens living in a Digital Society, we all have an unavoidable responsibility to improve the integrity of our Data to preserve our way of Life.”…….. Kenneth R. Graham

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